- chat with pdf using GPT4 turbo 128k

Remember the excitement when ChatGPT came out? We were amazed by its power and what it could do.

But we kept thinking, wouldn’t it be even cooler if people could use that power on their own stuff? So, Last year, me and my friends decided to build a tool for just that. It lets you ask questions and generate new content from your PDFs. And guess what? It’s only getting better!

We recently integrated GPT4 turbo 128k model and now the responses are improved by 10x than what we were getting previously.
We are now working on adding support for .excel files and powerpoints.

ChatPDF new add-ons:

  • Bulk upload your PDFs: No need to upload one by one. Drag and drop your entire collection.
  • Generate new content: PDF chat using semantic vector search is too old. Now you can even generate new content from your PDF.
  • Tailored summaries: Generate concise and short summaries.
  • Brainstorming: Let ChatPDF spark new ideas and condense key points effortlessly or generate reports.

We would love if you try it out and let us know what you think about it.

Link - ChatPDF