ChatPDF - A new chat with PDF tool

My friends and I were really excited to try out ChatGPT when it was released. We were amazed by its power and capabilities.

We were thinking how great it would be if people could use ChatGPT to ask questions from their own data. So me and my friends had decided to build such a tool last year.

We recently integrated GPT4 turbo model and now the responses are 10x better than before. We are now working on adding support for excel files and powerpoints.

You can bulk upload your PDF files into it. It can search for relevant documents without perfect keyword match, summarize takeaways from the document specific to your question, and extract key information from the document. It can help with brainstorming and summarization.

So say goodbye to the hassle of scrolling lengthy pdfs endlessly to find the information you need. will do the hard work for you.

We would love if you try it out and let us know what you think about it.

Link - Chatpdf

I love this tool and am currently writing a review for ElearningWorld. I particularly like the ability to interrogate multiple texts, and would like to see that combined with the folder feature, so I could ask questions of a subset of my texts.

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