ChatGTP-4 Limiting My Messages To Less That 40 Every 3 Hours

So yesterday I decided to take the plunge and joined Plus. I have found the $24 I had to fork out pointless because not only is it completely ignoring my custom instructions but I am also only managing to pump out around 21 messages in a few minutes before I reach my message cap.

It seems there was a lot of hype on Plus for absolutely nothing, and what is disturbing, on researching the forums, this month a lot of other users are suffering from the same message cap issue and OpenAI are not taking note of this.

$24 is daylight robbery for a model that is not even performing. “Our most capable model”, really. Sheesh, if this is it I hate to see what 5 is going to be like!

I suspect the 40 messages limit includes both sent and received.

I have the same problem just now, I could send 40 messages yesterday, but now I get restricted notification after send 20 messages.I don’t know why.

I have had the same issue. Try using a different browser, sometimes this fixes it for me, if this doesn’t work, then I would recommend clearing your cache, logging out, log back in, use a new Chat window. And if this still doesn’t work, then contact support, otherwise I am also at a loss.

Isn’t ChatGPT-4 supposed to have a limit of 40 interactions in 3 hours? Why did I reach the limit after only asking 20 questions? Isn’t this a bug?