ChatGPT4o selectively is unable to access to a web site

Hello Everyone! :smiling_face:

I found that selectively - and strangely - ChatGPT4o is unable to access to one of my website (u-sphere com).
I checked the robots.txt file and there are no restrictions (this website is referenced by Google, it exists since so many years, with thousands of pages).
I have not set any filters or restrictions on u-sphere server as well.

So what is the problem?

From ChatGPT4o “point of view”, I am unable to get any useful information, just a statement: “this confirms that there may be a wider problem with automated tools accessing resources from the u-sphere com domain”.

If you have any tips on this, that would be great! Perhaps you have a developer tool to check the accessibility of specific websites by OpenAI robots?

Many thanks to the Team! :pray:

PS: if any of you are able to check the access and confirm the problem, that would be great! :rocket:Also, I can post my exchange with ChatGPT4o , but I’m not sure it will be of much use at this point.