ChatGPT4o makes more bla bla than giving correct answers

Hey everyone,

ChatGPT4 answered correctly to my questions. It was very slow, but it did what it should do. Let’s take an example: I ask, how I can add a functionality to my app.
What ChatGPT4 did: Explained to me how I can do that.
What ChatGPT4o is doing with the same input: Telling me, how I can start building my own app, writing a much too big answer and mostly never touches the point of the question. Whatever happened, but GPT4o is a big downgrade. And ChatGPT4 still helps me more than ChatGPT4o. I got this problem in every thread in ChatGPT with ChatGPT4o, and now I thought it’s time to report it. This is a wrong behavior.

(Programming is not the only topic where it happens. I even already got it with translations and other things)

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