ChatGPT4 seems to enforce limit after 4 messages

So like the title says. Recently I’ve only been able to write about 4-5 messages to ChatGPT 4 before it enters its cooldown.

I like using it as a form of back and forth. It works really well when it comes to discussing ideas for a novel (not write it, seeing as you’d want to be the one writing the novel … Right?) where recently it has become a lot less talkative as it enforces its limit after about 4 or 5 messages. Hard limit. 2 hour reset the moment I get to the 5th message.

While 4o is supposedly meant to be cutting edge with it being vastly improved in all kinds of ways, it is excruciatingly annoying when I just ask it to have a discussion with me as it starts bulleting suggestions on how to have a damn discussion in regards to the supposed oncoming discussion. In addition it has a tendency of repeating it’s critique in a dishonest way where it believes that “saying what I want to hear” is supposedly helpful, rather than sticking to its damn guns.

What’s worse is when you ask it afterwards about a different aspect and it is still hellbent on being stuck on that one single excerpt you gave it two messages ago, as if it has no idea you’ve moved on.

I guess in short 4o has terrible social comprehension skills, whereas GPT4 does not. So I like using GPT4 even if it is slower. But 2 hours per 5 messages …

Okay, jokes aside - it’s ridiculous. I have no idea why the limit sets in so early. My guess is that you want more to refine 4o, or maybe there’s some kind of issue in general, but it’s hard to tell as not even the status site is showing anything.

So I guess I’m posting this as a way of reaching out to see if anyone’s having any similar issue’s as I am, or if there’s anything I’ve missed.

Edit: well it seems fine now! Must’ve been a very temporary limit due to load. It seems like it’s solved now :slight_smile:

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Had a search on the web and came across your post. I had this exact issue today - posted around 5 messages after 4o was not returning ideal results and I come across this limitation. Been a Plus user for over a year and it’s the first time I have hit such an arbitrary limit