ChatGPT4 most important Bugs to fix

Here are bugs that stoped me to work with CG4. First of all, please first fix those problems before any new CG4.5 or 5 introduction.

  1. Work with uploaded PDF scientific paper and equations is unaccepable poor. A lot of hallucinations, generic answers not strictly related to detailed question ( chat is trying to look smart build answer wording close to the possible outcoming, it is kind of answer simulation). When you trying to go step by step and ask to printing out pdf paper text in the chat window it is a mix of real paper text and his interpretations. Base on this observation I must say that is difficult to realy work with serius scientific papers and model concepts that would be trustworthy. There is no option to create specific key points or workflow to work with papers, chat is always forgetting those input after couple of answers.

  2. Serious difficultnes to display paper equations, python tessaract and similar are not working (opeai please invest some time to improve python subrotines), vision is much better but sometimes chat is puzzled what to choice for picture postprocessing. Generealy, I’m speding time not on work and analysis but trying to fix some simple problems. Still I see problems with Latex and plain text equations.

  3. Errors , errors many time during some text extraction or equation processing ( somebody can explain this what is going on). This is still very somple job but chat has real problem to work efficient.

  4. Vision can describe what is on picture but can’t meassure or work with this picture. For example upload simple shape that vision understand but is not possible to parametrized this picture. This is pity because simple phone app can work with pictures and even parametrized them. Another example, try work with figures from paper , this is imposible.

  5. I see that much often CG4 is trying not to finish code and give me general structure.

  6. After answer error is starting from scratch this is radiculus and you guys loosing a lot of computational resources. Please save answer to place of error and generate rest of text this should be efficient way how to handle this problem

More annoying problems with CG4 are to come.