Chatgpt4 doesn't work and is just loading

I have been using Chatgpt 4 in Microsoft Edge recently. However, I’ve found that Chatgpt 4 (also 3.5) is not responsive once I ask it questions, what I can just see is the spinning loading wheel.

I am just wondering if we have any methods to solve this bug? Cheers.

Got the same issue. Do you have any solutions?


I have the same problem. I was using Chrome (latest version), and it started having this problem, I’m currently using Firefox, and it continues to have the same problem. I believe it is not a browser issue.

Guys, my chatgpt is normal now due to unknown reasons; how strange!

Been having the same issue for a couple of days, the chat doesnt reply to promtps, just keeps loading forever… why do I still pay for this crap?

Same, will just show a white dot. I was able to get it to work sparatically by clearing cache, and logout and login, but no longer. Just stuck on a loading white dot for every response.

How do you even contact customer support?? The fact that they are charging requires someone to actually help when this crap stops working

You cant. There is no support. Community only that I can find.

Same here. The Browser console is full of errors:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open ChatGPT in Firefox
  • Chose 3.5 or 4
  • Type in a simple test message

Now the UI changes to genrate a response but remains in the initial answering state.

This time the language selection seems not to fix the problem.

If I reload the conversation after a few seconds the chat appears with the new answer included. So this seems to be problem on client side only.

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