ChatGPT4 Access (August 1st)

Same issue here. We were just discussing this with my developer friends today. Your post was 1 month ago and here we are…

Hi, What is it you are trying to do, any why are you trying to do it?

If it’s GPT-4 access then currently you need to remove your current payment method (Note: do not do this if you have an ongoing project that requires uninterrupted API access with increased usage/rate limits) and then you will get the start payment plan option, then 48 hours later you will be able to go back to pay as you go with limits returned to normal.


Thank you for the Clarification. Yes, I want to usi GPT-4 API. I did not generate the traffic to be billed $1 but will do as you told me

thank you, this worked for me as well!

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Cancel the payment plan at your own risk.
For me this has completely broken production as I can’t add a new plan.

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What do you mean by a new plan? you can’t do that for 48 hours, but you should be able to go back to pay as you go after that point.

I mean that once I removed the existing payment plan it broke and would not let me add a new payment plan. Now the API is not returning results and my production platform is broken.
The openai chat support is not helpful.

See my post above: ChatGPT4 Access (August 1st) - #11 by fullon_mac

I get the error: Your organization is not eligible for arrears billing. Please contact us through our help center at

How long ago did you go to pre pay? if it’s still within 48 hours then that will be the reason.

Removed the payment plan 6 days ago and still no resolution from support.

I have exactly the same problem… Spent > $1 last month but at the beginning of this month I didn’t receive any payment notifications or charge my card. I tried to cancel my payment plan back on September 1, and today, September 4, I have an error when creating a new payment plan. Dude, if you have a solution to this problem, just let me know please.


You’ll need to reach out to for account related issues such as this, hopefully your issues gets resolved soon.

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Hello, just a side note: it looks like there is an issue with invoicing system currently. I am also waiting for my invoice for August. But to be honest with current high demand on gpt-4 api we can’t expect that everything will go smoothly.

I’ll let you know if I have any luck with support. Still no luck.

I managed to add a payment plan with no error this time and the API is working. They must have fixed something or fixed something on my account.
Give it 10 mins afterwards otherwise you will get the error “Request failed with status code 429”

Hello. I also managed to add a payment plan, but never got access to the GPT-4 API. Did you get access to the GPT-4 model?

No. Not yet. Not going to try anything else except wait. Too risky!

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Same issue, I spent over $1 last month but to now, I didn’t receive any payment notifications or charge my card… and the GPT4 failed to access in my account

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Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

Bill processing seems to be running a little slow this month, please be patient and it should get round to you.


Hello, I have tried multiple times to resubscribe but I am unable to do so.

Billing for the month of August was delayed and I was in need of GPT-4 access via API. When I raised the issue one of the support team members of Open AI suggested canceling the subscription and resubscribing for the prepaid method and buying credit to immediately get access to GPT-4. I did the same but since then I have been unable to resubscribe.

@Foxalabs Could you plz. help me in fixing this.
Thank you in anticipation

Hi, unfortunately there is no one on the developer forum able to make account alterations or affect account decisions in any way, we are a group of volunteers.

Please use the included link to (bottom right corner is a chatbot)