ChatGPT website dosent support printing

Hi there,

i am using chatgpt on firefox but whatever i do i cant get it to print out the whole conversation.

maybe i am to old that i request such a feature but i think that a good website should also provide a printing capable css.

I tried printing with original layout settings, i tried printing with simplified settings i tried selecting the whole conversation and printing selection but whatever i did i only got one page with either the beginning or the end of the conversation, i was unable to get the whole conversation printed out on multiple pages without the help of a text editor (strg+a , strg+c, strg+v) that worked of cause but i had to set header and footer myself and wasted a lot of time fielding around until it looked good.

all that could be prevented if you would mind printing in your web-interface-development and it is probably only one simple change in the css, saving it under a new name and adding it as printing layout css in the head of your pageā€¦

thanks in advance and keep up the good work


your system prevented me sending my request because it contained chatgpts own domain, that is a bit over cautious (not even with https and any slash just the domain)