ChatGPT Web not responding

I am not receiving any response from my Chatbots (ChatGPT and GPT 4). Am I the only one facing this. Can someone help me with this?

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Just a bit more information might help.

Are “your chatbots” using the API, or are you just talking about ChatGPT?

Errors you see, how can we try to do the same thing to see if we get an error also… Have you made any changes recently, or do you think it is a change in OpenAI services, etc?

you are not the only one , chatgpt not responding to me , the site open normal but when i send message to chat the message not sending there is no change in the screen and the bot not responding , i can view old messages but cant send new

Thanks for the reply. I am talking about ChatGPT. It appears blank on my Firefox and doesn’t seem to respond on my chrome.