Chatgpt voice feature in Korean is pretty bad

I built a custom gpt with actions that uses the ChatGPT retrieval plugin FastAPI server to query a Supabase database full of grammar and vocab from the TOPIK tests (Korean proficiency) so I can practice using Talk-to-GPT in Chrome browser, the Google speech to text from the keyboard (this picks up speech-to-text the best only problem is no speech back) then tried the ChatGPT provided voices (did not check to see if a Korean avatar has been added).

I also have the vectorized materials uploaded as .txt files that it looks up for grammar to start lessons and then queries the databases to give lessons more form.

Nope, chose Juniper with Korean as main language which sounds like a very fluent foreigner, ie. accent remains. And I hate the speech bubble animation, why not like Karaoke where the voice tracks the output text?