ChatGPT UI/UX improvement suggestions: Search, folders, recycle bin, export function, delete button position, window size (and more)

Hi! I’ve been using ChatGPT extensively and identified several areas where the UI/UX could be improved.
I’d like to share these suggestions with you and hope that the developers working at OpenAI see and hopefully implement them.

  • Suggestion 1: Add a search function to ChatGPT that searches all previous conversations and conversation titles.
    When you have many conversations with ChatGPT, it quickly becomes time consuming and confusing to keep an overview over which content is part of which conversation.
    Introducing a search function that scans all conversations and their titles would enable users to quickly locate specific content, thereby increasing user efficiency.

  • Suggestion 2: Add folders to make it easier to keep an overview of conversation topics.
    Implementing folders (maybe also subfolders) would allow users to organize conversations by topic, making it easier to navigate and manage their content. Folders should be collapsible.

  • Suggestion 3: Add a recycle bin/ trash bin folder for deleted conversations.
    ChatGPT conversations often hold crucial information, which could cause issues if they were accidentally deleted.
    To give users a chance to recover/restore accidentally deleted conversations, it would be great to have a recycle bin/ trash bin folder where deleted conversations get moved to after deletion.
    If one wants to delete a conversation permanently, then a user would have to delete that conversation from the recycle bin folder.

  • Suggestion 4: Add an export function to download individual or all conversations.
    ChatGPT conversations often contain important information that users may want to archive or store offline.
    Therefore it would be great to have an export function that allows to export either individual conversations or the full conversation history (=all chats).
    Offering the export in both a human-readable format (e.g., a txt file) and a machine-readable format (e.g., csv, json or xml) would cater to diverse user needs.
    The export function for a specific conversation could be a button at the top of every conversation. The export function for the full conversation history could be part of the settings.

  • Suggestion 5: Move the button that deletes a single conversation to a different position.
    The button that deletes a single conversation is currently located directly next to the renaming button. This makes it very easy to delete a convesation by accident.
    To make it less likely that a user deletes a conversation by accident, the delete button should be moved to a differnt position. An example position for the “delete conversation” button would be at the top of every conversation.

  • Suggestion 6: Move the “Clear conversations” button to a different position.
    The button that deletes all conversations is placed very prominently below the list of conversations and above the buttons for My plan, Settings, etc.
    This makes it easy to accidentally click on it and delete all conversations which would be very problematic for many ChatGPT users.
    To make such accidents less likely, it would be great if the “Clear conversations” could be moved to a more hidden position. For example, it could be placed within the Settings menu.

  • Suggestion 7: Make the left column adjustable in size (where the conversation titles are).
    Converation titles can be relatively long in order to describe or tag the content of a conversation. Currently, the width of the left column is relatively small and cannot be adjusted.
    Making the width of left column (X-axis) adjustable would allow users to easily read longer conversation titles, improving overall user experience.

I’m interested in your thoughts on these suggestions.

Please like this post if you agree with one or multiple of these ideas, so OpenAI developers can take them into consideration. Thank you! :slight_smile: