chatGPT - Too easy to accidently clear all conversations


It's too easy to accidentally delete your conversations.

Make it harder to delete all your conversations.

I understand it already asks you to confirm, It's just too easy to double click on accident.

Thank you!


For those of us who wish to save time and click, we prefer “no confirmation” when we click on the individual topic delete icon; so one “confirmation click” is good. Forcing “confirmation clicks” in the UI to delete (or cancel) “clear all chats” would really be good for many people.



Let’s compromise and suggest they relocate the clear all button then?

I misclicked when trying to change light/dark mode and cleared all my history LOL


Hi @drewworkman3245

Ah. If you are talking about the “Clear All” button, then I agree that button requires a confirmation just like the individual delete buttons.

That “Clear All” button does have issues and needs a “cancel” function as well as a “confirmation”

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I just did the same thing as I was rushing, and I am an hour away from teaching a class about ChatGPT, all my examples are gone. Is there any way to get them back as they are not permanently deleted in the back end? Help

It would be good if the delete all button didnt accept a double click, so you have to click, move your pointer to the confirm, then click again. The individual chats have this, idk why the clear all wouldnt.

Also, can we make individual chats be deletable without opening up the conversation?

I had the same thing happen to me. All the chat history with ChatGPT disappeared from my phone, but now I’m looking at it on my PC and all the chat history has been restored. The account is the same, of course.

i did the same thing! has anyone found a way to restore the chat history?