ChatGPT Teams - $60/mo and it's still unusable

I upgraded to a teams subscription for ChatGPT because I need to utilize it heavily for my work, despite being the only user on this subscription (I know, sounds dumb). I am paying $60/mo and during peak hours (right now I suppose?) it’s borderline unusable. It produces maybe a word a second and frequently “Network Errors” out where I have to constantly regenerate and refresh. Very aggravating.

I understand the stress on the servers, but c’mon, how much do I need to pay to actually use this service? Do you want $100 a month? What will it take to get a usable model that doesn’t bog down and doesn’t constantly error out?
-end rant

…or maybe I would have better luck with utilizing the API…? The website version is terrible during peak hours. But then I’ll probably be looking at hundreds of dollars a month in API calls which I want to avoid. I’d prefer a fixed monthly payment.