ChatGpt steals money! Multiple charges, NO subscription

I have never shared my details with OpenAI; I have never subscribed also. ChatGpt charged me 4 times in a row!!!
Support doesn’t answer for days. I wrote many times. On email and chatbot. But still, no one gives a fuck to solve this problem. I went through the web and figured out that I was not alone. WTF is going on?

@logankilpatrick I need it to be solved NOW!!!
PS: don’t tell me to go to the support team. They never answer. Gonna make it loud. Unbelievable!

What is most likely happening is your card was compromised (not by OpenAI) and is either

A) Being used for fradulent ChatGPT subscriptions
B) Being charged under the false identity of ChatGPT subscriptions

You can go here to confirm if it truly is OpenAI that’s charging you before getting loud.
I think this is a situation between you and your bank, not OpenAI.

Oh, really?
I double-checked the transactions. Charged by OPENAI.COM

And even if it was charged by someone else. OpenAI support has been ignoring me for a week, and it’s not f@cking normal and is disrespectful.

I would be equally frustrated as you.

Your statements don’t align with what mine say which lead me to believe that it could be false. I’m not an accountant though and have no idea how they work.

Their support is pretty non-existent. If only there was a chat service. Say, a model capable of language to provide basic support based on a knowledge base.

Nah, that’s crazy talk.

Fair. But you’re here now, and with these facts all we can do here is help you (and us, possibly even OpenAI) understand where this charge is coming from, and how it happened.

Are you interested, or do you just want to wait for support?

Did you try the Stripe look-up tool? Their errors can be ambiguous. In your case I think an error such as “[…] error may occur when there are multiple payments on the same day”.

How is this possible from your side and who are u??

I think I phrased my words wrong.

I am not seeing your transaction. I am comparing it to my (authentic) charges.

So? I sent you my screenshots. Do u have the same transactions name?

No, I’ve already said so here

Whatever, or whoever it was that charged you, your card has been compromised and you should talk to your bank and get the charges reversed. This was not done by OpenAI.

I received confirmation from Stripe that Openai charged my money.
Still no answer from support. @logankilpatrick WTF?!

Thanks for confirming.

That is honestly pretty crazy. If it really was from them.

That would mean that your card was used fraudulently with the correct postal code (I may be wrong here) and enough honesty that it didn’t trip Stripe’s anti-theft.

Hope it all works out.

I still believe that this is an accident. But I have no trust and respect for the entire OpenAi organization anymore. Going to delete my account the very first minute after the problem going to be solved

Hopefully it all resolves soon. If it means anything, GPT is an incredibly powerful tool.

Have you ever entered your payment details on the OpenAI website to purchase anything such as ChatGPT Plus or API access?

Never. I am not the only one who got hacked by OpenAi. Even in your topic, there are familiar cases

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To be fair, it’s not like OpenAI is consciously charging you.
Don’t you find it odd that you never entered any payment details yet “they” had it?

Could it be more plausible that someone else had your details, and used it to make a purchase?
Still, I hope support gets back to you soon and resolves everything.

Crazy things tend to happen on grand scales.

Same thing happened to me. Two cards hacked and used for ChatGPT subscriptions. Never gave my card details, ever. Bank has no idea what is happening but there have been MANY people reporting this. Something is up. And always the charge is for 20 USD. Own visa debit card and one Mastercard credit card. Bank is in Singapore.

I agree. I have exactly the same experience, extremely high charge above my hard limit, usage is reported for a Saturday when I don’t use opanai. No support from opanai neither.