ChatGPT should save all conversations in its own database, even if the conversation is deleted

I reached number 77 of “New Chat”. Each conversation has dozens of pages, it is difficult to load, I have many codes on each chat, repaired and remade. That’s why I always have to open a new chat, because it’s hard to load.

The problem is that when I open a new Chat, then ChatGPT forgot the instructions I gave it in the other chats, and I have to give it the same instructions again.

On my profile, in the “Custom Instructions” option, I gave him some instructions, basically:

I mainly want ChatGPT to know how to use Google operators whenever I give it an instruction to search for some information in the text.

Also, I want ChatGPT to memorize all the chats and all the instructions from each chat, because I happen to repeat the same instructions from other chats with each new chat. It seems that he does not remember what he discussed with me in other chat pages. I always have to repeat them.

But ChatGPT does not take into account these “Custom Instructions” because it was set not to memorize the chats among themselves.