Chatgpt should have tag to remember very old past conversations

Hi All,

This request seems bit different, the problem which I’m facing is sometimes while using ChatGPT the AI doesn’t know which past conversations I’m talking about, for example lets say I’ve made conversation of about creating some “‘ABC’ application in Python & how to build it” (or some xyz conversation) , and after that in same chat I had different questions/conversations regarding that, then If I want to continue from “‘ABC’ application in Python & how to build it” response then I’ve to abandon the whole existing response in the same chat & start question from that which is not necessary.

Proposed Solution: Wish their was some kind of tag for every conversations, such that with tag if we want to ask question then we can just simply say to ChatGPT for example → ‘Hey remember < tag > (number) response, I want to ask question on that ?’

In this way it helps user as well ChatGPT to start conversation from their without deleting existing conversations. I hope this explains the purpose of creating new new Topic.