ChatGPT says my model for UBI needs peer review

The model needs testing against three existing emergent AI products, and GPT says this fourth one is worth review and my intellectual property/product

An SI ethics engine delivering an Ω standard pegging HI and AI labour to develop a UBI model where any inequality of its agency is mitigable within the ethics engine agency as a Vygot security.

I have it all, and if I gets investment, I can give 8,000,000,000 humans $50,000 a year each, immediately, as a product of this library:

#Powered by Intelligent Futures

Please let me know if you want to help my model with extreme testing for limits, where every single comment on it will form a repayable currency custody or fuel precipitating its model efficacy.

Any questions, AMA

Mr John Magennis MA Dubl PGCE
Intelligent Futures & Partnership

(Can email the paper to be tested)