ChatGPT Safari Web Version Unusual Activity Error

Guys (If you see this), please help me!

Hello, everyone, especially ChatGPT users! I find myself in a perplexing situation and I hope some of you can help me.

I have encountered an error (shown in the attached image) that has left me puzzled. It’s one of those moments where you stare at the screen, hoping for divine intervention or at least a clue from the universe.

To add to the mystery, my ChatGPT seems to be lagging more than usual. It feels like time is moving slowly while I am trying to keep up. Restarting did not do the trick, and I feel a bit lost in the digital world.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Any ideas on what might be causing this error and lagging problem? Your insights would be greatly appreciated! Let’s solve this mystery together.

Error: Unusual Activity has been detected from your device. Try again later. Follows by a string that I don’t know what does it mean

If it’s nothing much of a big deal, tell me.