Chatgpt rambeling and giving random words as answers

My chatgpt is consantly giving me weird answer not able to read them and giving me randomly text with emojies as answers and juts gos on and on its unusable at the moment not sure what to do? I have tried everything login in and out, clearing catch, tunring of and on computer and so on, what could be the problem? its been doing it on every prompt and every custom chatgpt since yesterday 24 hours

same thing here, drunken responses all afternoon on new chats. any suggestions on how to get back to the version that works would be awesome.

Yes but im still glad Im not alone :slight_smile: that would have been the worst

I have the same issue with custom GPTs. Also, I removed some of them, and trying to create a new one seems to be buggy:

Now the custom GPT i was getting the behavior on has simply disappeared. Poop…

Now I am receiving those issues with ChatGPT-4 and with custom GPTs as well: