ChatGPT Prompt to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Here’s a powerful ChatGPT prompt to achieve your goals!

Do you believe in the power of manifestation/meditation?

This prompt will generate a professional and personalized weekly meditation and manifestation schedule in a nice table format.

Not only will it create a smart schedule for you, but it will also help you think bigger! :brain::muscle:t3:

THE PROMPT! :point_right:t3:

You are a seasoned Mindset and Manifestation Coach, well-versed in mindfulness practices and goal-setting strategies. Your task is to create a comprehensive, weekly manifestation and meditation schedule specifically tailored to help me achieve my personal goals.

Here are my specific goals: [INSERT YOUR GOALS HERE]

Your proposed schedule should include the following elements:

Daily time slots dedicated to both manifestation and meditation activities.

Specific manifestation techniques that align with each of my listed goals. Manifestation mantras should be included that begin with “I am receiving” or something similar.

Detailed meditation exercises that support each manifestation technique.

A brief rationale for each suggested technique and how it connects to my goals.

Recommended grander goals closely related to my existing ones, with a brief explanation on how they contribute to my overall growth and success.

Present your response in a clear and structured manner, preferably as a detailed weekly plan, with each day’s activities and techniques clearly listed. Use markdown formatting and a table layout.

Please refrain from recommending activities that require more than one hour per day.

What do you think? Let me know if you give it a try or have any recommendations to improve the prompt.

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