ChatGPT+ price confusion, atleast for me


So i do use the API and i also use the ChatGPT+ in browser.

I am bit confused for what i am paying for. So that, was it like 20$ i pay for ChatGPT+ is just for the browser app? And if i use API via my own program, that is counted as tokens as expressed at Pricing ?

It would be some much easier to get one price for all, or am i missing something already here?

There are two prices for two (related) products.

One is for the plus version of ChatGPT (A consumer front end product)

The API is a completely different thing and is billed based on usage (A developer product)

Ok. Thank you for clarification.

Can you tell me, can i use the browser app via my own webpage? Like, if i run local page via server i host myself?

There is no API for ChatGPT. So there is no way to embed it in your website right now

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Yes, you can use ChatGPT in your browser by using <iframe> tags, @krisu.virtanen.

If you want to embed one web page into another web page, you can search something like:

How do I embed a website into another website?

Hope this helps.