Chatgpt plus user cannot extract zip file from cloud

Hi all,I want to clarify and get info from you a situation:

yesterday,I upload codes zip file in google drive and let 4o help me analyze,it performs pretty good but due to the common account restriction I cannot interacte more.
So I upgrade account to plus and now it always shows “There is an issue with extracting the zip file in this environment.”

Hope somebody can tell me the reason,a plus user feels be-cheated…

if you want gpt-4o to unzip a file, it needs an execution environment to do so.

best way to understand this is, if you have a cloud drive, you have to download the zip before you extract it.

GPT actually needs that same.
a computer to do so.

it has its own python environment, if enabled, but you have to upload that file to it for it to unzip it.

friend,you didnot get the point,my common account has got the zip file unzipped by 4o in cloud drive already.