ChatGPT Plus tiered pricing


As custom GPT creators we are not getting much traction due to the price point of users needing to have GPT plus. We understand you need to cover costs but we are limited by this model and would like to suggest something.

What about tiers such as:

  1. GPT Plus or team = $20+ which allows you to create custom GTPs like a developer license.
  2. GPT viewer = $5 which allows users to use custom GPTs the community creates.

Naturally the money we get as creators when you come up with a model is less when it is just a viewer. We could maybe be allowed to select which users we want to publish them to which allows us to create standard GPTs vs premium ones.

Thanks I love making GPTs but find all the people I know are not willing to pay so much just to use things which at this stage is not life changing.


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This is a great idea. From a platform strategy perspective this also makes sense. You want to subsidize the user side to achieve positive cross side network effects.

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I fully support the idea of introducing a tiered pricing model, with a $20+ option for those creating custom GPTs and a $5 tier for users to access community-created content. This approach not only enhances accessibility but also enables creators to offer both standard and premium GPTs. Despite the possible impact on earnings, it’s a step towards wider adoption by reducing cost barriers, making GPT technology more inclusive and affordable for all.

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