ChatGPT Plus subscription: Card declines for no apparent reason

Hi all,

I’m trying to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus but my card gets declined no matter what I try. When I use Apple Pay, it loads for a while and then nothing happens. I‘ve contacted my bank and they told me everything is set up correctly. OpenAI customer support hasn‘t replied in the past days and the solutions I could find online didn‘t work for me.

I really want to upgrade. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :‏‏‎‎)

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I have the same issue, not sure why this is not working.

Same issue. I tried multiple cards (credit and debit), tried Apple Pay, multiple devices, multiple browsers, cellular & WiFi, and followed all their recommendations. It’s kind of wild that a company like OpenAI is tolerating this from Stripe.

I actually got it to work, no idea how tho. I simply kept trying every few days on several devices and networks and it suddenly worked.

I believe their payment system is simply overloaded with requests from time to time and this causes it not to work.

Good luck.

Btw I was using Apple Pay on iPadOS 16.4.1 that time it worked.

I had to create a brand new account. No matter which card I tried it would always decline.