ChatGPT Plus is not working

Come on now. This forum isn’t for ChatGPT support, I’m told, but the title of the forum is ChatGPT. I don’t want support - I want the service I pay for to WORK.

I PAY for ChatGPT Plus, so I could login whenever I want to use the service. What’s the point of paying for ChatGPT Plus, if I can’t use it ?

I’m surprised and disappointed that people have been experiencing this error for MONTHS - nearly half a year - and it still has not been rectified.

I’m paying for a service that doesn’t work. So why should I continue to pay for it ?
Let’s try an analogy.

If I go into a hamburger shop and pay for a burger, I hand over the cash and the cashier tells me “sorry, we can’t give you a hamburger right now, we don’t know when we’ll be able to give you your hamburger either. And maybe you can come back in an hour, and we can give you a bite of your hamburger, then you give it back to us”, I would not go that hamburger shop again, and I’d certainly ask for my money back.

I think that’s a fair analogy.

Please sort it out ASAP. I rely on this service for work. I use it to help me make money, the same money I’m paying you guys. Without it, my work takes longer, and soon I won’t have enough money to keep paying you. So you’ll lose a customer, and you’ll probably lose thousands more, if this isn’t solved.

Solve it. You guys must be raking in money. We ChatGPT Plus customers pay to use the service. So provide it.
I’m saddened and frustrated by this, as are hundreds and hundreds of others. Just read the comments.
One more time - please fix this. This is unacceptable.

I can’t believe I can actually use AI to summarise posts in these forums, and yet ChatGPT won’t work for me, a ChatGPT Plus paying subscriber.

If your Ai program will not work, maybe funnel some of the power away from summarising forum posts, and put it into the actual program itself. If ChatGPT can be used here, within these forums, to summarise posts, but I cannot use it myself, for work, cannot make queries or view my old conversations with the AI tool, that is just bizarre. The forums are not why I pay money.

I am having issues also. I am a ChatGPT plus user. Half of my conversations are no longer available. It keeps trying to load and says there is an error. It’s very frustrating because there has been a lot of work gone into these conversations.