Chatgpt Plus freezing all the time!

This is exactly what has started happening to me, laptop, mobile and tablet ???

Same here. I used the Stylebot extension to set up the CSS rule

#enforcement-containerchatgpt-paid { display: none; }

It is pretty wild that such an annoying bug has persisted for so long.


I upgraded to the paid ChatGPT subscription two months ago and just started experiencing this issue over the past two weeks.

After some sleuthing in my browser, I found that one of my privacy extension/ad blockers was active for OpenAI’s website (I use DuckDuckGo).

I turned off protections for the site in my ad blocker/privacy extension and the issue hasn’t occurred since.

It may not be a widespread solution, but it seemed to do the trick for me.

I experienced the same problem and after searching in my browser and deactivating DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, the problem has not appeared since.

I have had the same issue and now just deleted a bunch of my old chats. Now its working fine again…
Seems like there is a wierd context limit of some sorts. This also happens in a similar manner when i keep using the same chat for a long time…
The responsiveness just drops and more and more errors pop up.

Solution: Keep deleting old chats and try using new ones if the context allows it.

This resolved it for me, thank you!

Same probleme, CGatgpt freeze all the time, i can’t ask question. I press enter and firefox Freeze.
I paid, but i can’t use the service.


Same problem too. This has become extremely frustrating as I can’t work properly anymore. OpenAI doesn’t seem to do anything about it so far. Considering cancelling my subscription and going to the competitors.

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Experienced the same issue today in Chrome in a tab I had opened yesterday.

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Currently experiencing the same thing. the frequency for which it is happening is increasing.

+1. I initially thought this was about adblockers, but it isn’t. Setting the rule suggested above in adblock’s custom filters fixed the issue (but seriously, please get this fixed @openai team!)

Is there another place to open a support case so this gets fixed? It seems to have been ongoing for quite some time.

I’m having the same issues with ChatGPT freezing frequently:
MacOS Sonoma

It’s getting worse and worse, the interface freezes ALL THE TIME. But what are the developers doing?
When I read that the old applications should be killed, I don’t like it because :
1 - I want to keep them
2 - there’s nothing to transfer them efficiently
3 - the interface is a disaster, and it’s been that way for several years.

Notice to developers
What are you doing guys ? We’ve had this problem for months and it’s not budging!
If you’re having trouble dealing with it (and you’re letting me think you are, since there’s been no solution yet), I can recommend an A.I GROK :slight_smile:

I’m seeing this issue as well. The entire page will freeze and become unresponsive and I have to refresh the page to get it working. Sometimes it will freeze while I’m writing my prompt. I can’t enter text, I can’t scroll, highlight text, etc.

MacOS 13.5 on the latest version of Chrome.

Quite sad to pay money for something that’s barely usable anymore.

Happened more than once today. Sometimes quite slow to write resonse, sometimes faster. Also sometimes it seems “dumber.” But I guess that it a different topic…