ChatGPT Plus freezes when asking a question

I can’t ask any questions since yesterday in ChatGPT Plus. The chat freezes with the loading wheel spinning. It never sends my question.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem or have had a similar one?

thank you in advance! : )


I have the same problem, 3.5 & 4. I’ve tried it in Firefox and Orion.

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Same problem. I can’t ask anything. The send button spins forever.

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Same problem, on MacOS with Chrome…

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Same here:
Win + Chrome, freeze
In Edge: All is fine.

Same here! If I pay for a service this service can be fix in short time.

Same problem today. The chat freezes with the loading wheel spinning.

Same here ! For hours now ! we pay for this service !!!

It seems that this issue is widely observed among people using language locale (Alpha).

First, please change your locale to English and reload the page.

If ChatGPT still doesn’t respond after changing the locale (Alpha) to English, press the F12 key, right-click on the reload button, and click “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”.

This may solve the problem.


It worked for me, I turned on Language (Alpha) - English (US) in the settings. Too bad I lost three days.

Same problem here, on Mac firefox. The chat freezes, sometimes the left panel disappear completely, or partially (my previous discussions disappear).

Unfortunately the same for me. Chrome, Edge not working, even a mobile app fails

Executed a hard refresh (Ctrl+shift+R in Pc Cmd+shift+R in MacOs) in the browser and seemed to work ok now, as @dignity_for_all suggested.

It seems to be a problem with the browser Caché. Is it strange openAI doesn’t recomend it or the page do by itself when this problem happens to the user.