Chatgpt plus doesn't work anymore on iphone 6s plus!

The new chatgpt style no longer works on old iPhones, like the iPhone 6s Plus, it used to work in the past. Currently, the site works for me while I am not logged in, i.e. ChatGPT 3.5, but when I log in to ChatGPPT Plus, I cannot talk to ChatGPPT Plus, I think, or perhaps because of the new design. I hope the problem is solved, or they give me the option to change the style to a lighter style…

I’m talking about the browser version…

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Having the same problem on my first gen iPhone SE. Seems to coincide with Apple’s announcement of chatGPT integration on iOS. Anyhow, looking for a quick solution, plus subscription as well…


It’s only on Apple devices. It’s very strange…

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Same problem iPhone 7+
Tried safari and Firefox
Cleaned cache and website data all that.

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on iphone 6s you cannot install the app because it needs 16.1 os but even in a browser it is unresponsive (Safari, Brave). OpenAI does not need old folks with cheap phones.

Same problem here, iphone 7 plus IOS 15.8.2
can’t use the app and no response from the site using Safari or Firefox.
Don;t waste time clearing cache cookies, etc.