"ChatGPT Plus Billing Error"

I was billed twice ($20 x 2) for ChatGPT Plus but I cannot access ChatGPT Plus!

I sent numerous emails to support but I got no response!

Can someone please assist with correcting this error? It is unfair that OpenAI continues to take money but denies access to the service with no assistance from support!

UPDATE: My issue has been resolved.

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The same here! Was billed for it yesterday and still no access to Plus version. It prompts me to upgrade instead. Sent numerous emails to support@openai.com and no response whatsoever. Super frustrating.

getting the same issue as yours, do you have any updates on this one? thanks

No updates. No reply from support. Nothing. My paymeny went through twice!

Same issue here, what can we do?


I encountered the same issue, and when i called the API, here is the error msg: openai.error.RateLimitError: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.

very weird

I am still having these issues not able to access my pro

It looks like Open Ai has done finessed a bunch of people. From what I’m tracking, its happened to at least 100 people so far! Is this Class Action Lawsuit material? Anyone know how to make this happen?

I’ve been billed 3 times, used the chat but still no response from anyone for over a week.

Can’t use plus or any feature at the moment. There’s no “my account” on the side where I can cancel my subscription. Would still like to use this but need ASSISTANCE WITH MY ACCOUNT PLEASE.

Same thing! Paid for Plus twice but didn’t get access to version 4.

I have the exact same problem. Really weird…