ChatGPT Plus API

If I signup for ChatGPT Plus, will I have access to it from an API included for my monthly flat rate?

I’ve not heard anything officially, but I’d imagine they would keep them separate?

Having them bundled for a lower combined price might be nice, though? Or a discount if you’re using the eventual API. I’ve not heard anything about the API prices yet either… They’ve not launched the ChatGPT API yet as far as I know, but there was a sign-up for a waitlist.

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Hello I payed for ChatGPT plus.
When i use i see my subscripting. But when i login on it shows me as personal account and no billing info is available.
Also the api key i can generatie has a quota an can;tr be used by my c++ code to connect to chatgpt.

How can i solve this.

I would like access to this API also. Can you tell me where to sign up for the waiting list? Thanks!