Chatgpt plus and chatgpt 4 became faster and dumber

Chatgpt-4 became fast and dumber and thats a stab in the back for all Chatgpt plus users.
Now it remeber less, reasoning is crappy and makes a lot of mistakes.
Why should I still pay for the Subscription when it became like 3.5?

Fix it or otherwise many users will leave


I agree. I noticed it got faster and dumber today as well. Went to see if I was the only one. Nope! I see your message, same day as well. I went to the ChatGpt Plus Discussion on discord. We did the apple test. The other people said Plus usually gives 8/10 to 10/10. Nope, I got 6/10 consistently. Worse memory. Although you may not know what the test is, what matters is that we comfirmed it got worse. The workaround is using the API, which is upsetting


Did you confirm that the API actually continues to score highly?

I might write my own interface to get past this if so. The change is debilitating.