ChatGPT plugins are here!

Hey there,
How long did you wait to get access as developer?
cause I have implemented several plugins I’d like to test and waiting for like a 6 days now.
Any suggestions?

What about the context length for the “Browsing” plugin? Will it also be restricted to 4k (8k)? I want to browse a GitHub repository with this plugin. Is it possible to do so?

Os plugins são voltados apenas para desenvolvedores de API?

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All I will like for some to let me know how I could have to emails under got+ plan. It not msg back :pensive:

Yes! This is precisely what I’ve been trying to convey to other “experts” who see GPT Plugins as the end-all to every manner of AI solution. They don’t think things through. This goes to the fundamental question - what is “it” that a given plugin will provide? Can one plugin be smart enough to proxy as a gateway for many tasks? That’s not clear to me how that will work.

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This is a big problem facing plugins. Although the user can select a plugin through the “plugin store”, which then latches to that chat instant, this defeats the smooth experience you would expect from “AGI” or whatever you want to refer to as an extended AI. Extended beyond being a “good wordsmither” and poor thinking and lack of logic AI.

As a developer, I can see a decent path of selecting the plugin on the fly, but this is not obvious how this would be handled in the OpenAI ChatGPT environment, which has no outside developer influence.

Zapier has a dynamic way of loading things into a plugin, this may be a solution?

Otherwise, it is possible to build a plugin which is able to search a database of possible tasks and have the AI perform them via a dynamic API route (for example “/execute?task=calculate”).

The AI also doesn’t need the response to be exactly as defined in the openapi.json schema - it can understand it even when the response doesn’t follow the schema. The schema just helps to understand what the data means.

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Yeah this definitely goes a long way! Unfortunately, it only works with the Zapier plugin. I was talking about the layer happening dynamically to select the plugin in the first place, in a layer above Zapier. But Zapier is diverse enough to make it seem like the AI can do lots of things (limited to the Zapier account, of course).

I got my access to ChatGPT plugins, just over a week ago. Pleased to say that I got my first plug-in working yesterday. It’s an extremely simple plugin, but the plug-in technology became even more exciting to me when I used my plugin for the first time. Thank-you OpenAI for this opportunity.

In hindsight I now realize I could have done much of the work in advance of getting developer access.
so for those who do not yet have access, there is a lot you can do towards developing a plug-in.

  • Read the documentation on how to develop a plug-in
  • You can design and build your code, with one. or more endpoints.
  • Create the OpenAPI specification file for your program. This is a requirement for the plugin.
  • Test the functionality of your endpoint. If it works, it will likely work fine as a plugin.
  • Create your ai-plugin.json file. You won’t make use of it until you have developer access to plugins but coding the specification forces you to think about how your plugin will work with ChatGPT.

I think there are a lot of opportunities out there for plug-ins, especially in more specialized domains whether they be corporate, academic or other.


Is there any way to find out when we might get access? I’ve been on the wait-list, as a premium subscriber, since they got announced :upside_down_face:




This may already have been covered (if so can someone please link to that thread)

I believe that the currently announced plugins (Expedia etc) can’t be used themselves when developing a new plugin (e.g a new travel app can’t query flight info from the Expedia plugin and make those results available in their own app)?

If so, what’s the process for pulling in live flight data to a plugin / app. Would you need to get access to a travel website’s API and then write a script in the plugin for querying that data (effectively replicating the work Expedia has done with theirs)?

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It’s a reseller business. To get access you need to make contracts with tour operators / airlines / incoming agencies. I mean I guess you want to earn money on that.

So you ask the airlines and tour operators for agency contracts.
You may also be obligated to give them money for that (as a deposit).

Some agencies have partner programs but I don’t expect api access with that.

But my informations are from 2007 when I had a travel agency so it’s just for general understanding.

Maybe try at Amadeus Leisure IT…
But you should have a 100k cash before you even think about going into that business.

That’s an interesting idea! Use plugins as components for other plugins. I don’t see that as an option right now but hey, may be in the future?

I’ve applied and quite interested in developing new plugins for chatgpt. But how long do we need to wait for approval ?

Let me in, let me do plugin, Stop disadvantaging Koreans

How long before all of the + access users can see the plugins deployed? I have been checking every day and nothing yet

Hey folks, quick follow up, ChatGPT plugins and browsing (not code interpreter) should be fully rolled out to all users by the end of the day pacific time on May 19th. If you want to enable them, navigate to the settings in the lower left hand corner, go to “Beta features” and enable the features you want.

Note that if you do not yet see “Beta features” it means plugins have not yet rolled out to you, thanks for being patient!