ChatGPT Plugin ( The Diet Search Plugin ) which can search Japanese Diet Proceedings has been released!


We have released “The Diet Search Plugin” which allows you to search for discussions in the Japanese Diet.

This plugin allows you to search the daily discussions in the Japanese Diet through the ChatGPT interface.

The plugin features the ability to search for discussions in the Diet proceedings based on news, trends, proposals, requests, complaints, and other texts that are similar to the meaning of the text, along with the source information. This makes it possible for anyone to easily research and compile parliamentary debates and learn more about the activities of lawmakers working in Japan’s Diet.

Anyway, via newspapers, people only have a chance to know about the activities of lawmakers when things are going extremely well or badly, so we hope to make a good connection between the two.

The following are some of the possible use cases.

Dig deeper into discussions related to news articles of interest
When researching the Diet’s consideration of an issue of interest to them, they can use this plugin to find out how similar issues have been debated in the Diet in the past. For example, if you research “I want to find out what the Diet is discussing about the expansion of child allowance,” you can find out who is currently in the Diet and what they are saying and discussing.

Article Writing by Newspaper Reporters
Newspaper reporters can use this plugin to research past discussions on a particular topic when creating articles. For example, by searching for “discussion of Japan’s declining birthrate,” one can find past discussions and suggestions, which can then be incorporated into the article. Depending on how you assemble the prompts, you can draft a manuscript.
Use as Educational Material at Educational Institutions
Educational institutions can use this plug-in as a teaching tool for students to study actual debates in political science, sociology, history, and other classes. For example, if a student searches for “debate on Japan’s energy policy,” he or she can find relevant debates and statements by lawmakers. This helps students understand the real policy-making process as well as the theory.

Policy Impact Analysis by Companies
Companies can use this plugin when developing new business strategies or analyzing how a particular policy will affect their business performance. For example, a search for “policy on renewable energy” can help understand how that policy affects the industry.
Policy Analysis by Policy Research Institutes
Policy institutes can use this plugin to research past debates and results before proposing new policies. For example, a search for “education reform debate” can help understand the results of past reforms and the reactions to them.

I urge you to check out what discussions are taking place in Japan.
This service is basically for Japanese citizens, but we think that if people from overseas can look things up in their own language, maybe it will make the relationship between countries a little happier.