ChatGPT pausing completion if you switch tabs? (30/11/2023)

Hello everyone,

I noticed an unpleasant behavior of ChatGPT.
I am unsure if this is a new one or if it was always like that.

Behavior: ChatGPT seems to be pausing the completion if you switch tabs. The completion continues if you switch to another window but not if you use the same browser window and move to another tab.

The completion should continue regardless of whether the tab is active.
If this is done to manage the load on OpenAI servers and reduce the frequency of requests from a given account, it would be nice to wave it for paid users.

Agreed. I see the same behavior and I have a paid account.

I asked ChatGPT why this happens and got this response from the AI:

“As an AI developed by OpenAI, I don’t have the capability to monitor your actions such as whether you switch tabs or not. If there’s an interruption or a pause in our interaction, it could be due to various technical reasons, but none of them relate to your browsing behavior. When you return and continue to interact with me, I’ll respond to your prompts as usual. If you encounter any issues, it might be a good idea to check your internet connection or refresh the page. Now, let me complete the task you’ve asked for.”

This would indicate that the problem should not exist, but it routinely does. Following for a fix!

I noticed something in Edge when I renamed it back from completely disabled to have a look: it has deep in its settings a power efficiency feature of disabling background processes or tabs.

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That is interesting. How did you fix it then?

Same. Any browser has this problem for me. Fiddling with options didn’t help. Annoying.

Here’s an example of a browser extension that may help.

Is there anything like this for Google Chrome that can keep the page visible / active even when I am on another workspace/desktop on a Mac?

I’m pretty sure AI models like ChatGPT lack the capability to directly understand or access the technical implementations of their user interfaces. They operate based on learned patterns from training data and don’t possess real-time awareness of their own code or systems to run the models.

Whitelisting chatgpt website at Chrome → Settings → Performance → Always keep these sites active doesn’t help.

There’s also a tool for Chrome to Disable Page Visibility API.
Though there is background CPU usage from chatgpt for some time the result is not rendered till the tab is activated again.