ChatGPT Organisational folders

The past conversations I feel would be improved with an organisational system which you can use to keep specific topics together.

EG; Nutrition, workout routines, studies etc

I asked ChatGPT to give me help with this and this is the stuff it come out with which is essentially what I would like

  • User Experience Improvement: Explain how it would enhance the user experience by making it easier to find and refer back to specific conversations.
  • Organization and Efficiency: Highlight how folders would help users keep their chats organized, similar to how email folders work.
  • Potential Features:
  • Allow users to create and name folders.
  • Drag and drop conversations into folders.
  • Search functionality within folders.
  • Examples and Use Cases: Give examples of how you or other users might use this feature. For instance, you could have folders for work-related conversations, personal chats, project discussions, and so on.