ChatGPT on Azure and Azure GovCloud without data leaving your cloud

If your organization runs Azure or Azure GovCloud and if you are looking to provide your employees/customers with access to the latest AI models like ChatGPT and Dall E, this software is for you.

This software can be fully deployed on your Azure cloud environment in less than 5minutes and it uses only the resources on your Azure environment. This way all your data stays within your cloud.

It also detects PII and logs all the request-response pairs so it can be fully audited for security and compliance.


  1. Multi-project support - Separate projects for different teams/departments separated out by namespace but shares the resources to minimize cloud cost
  2. ChatGPT like experience per project with chat histories - Chat with documents by uploading documents to a project - Supports pdf, docx, txt, pptx, csv and markdown
  3. Developer portal with code snippets and API keys per project for building in-house applications using Fynetune and leveraging it’s capabilities
  4. RBAC - Teams and multi user support - member and owner roles.
  5. Observability and Auditability
  • Track token usage - input and output
  • Track total cost
  • Track all the conversations
  • Automatic PII detection

Please let me know if you have any feedback. Thanks