ChatGPT not working in Chromium Browsers (12 June 2024)

Pic from Downdetector just now 9:06AM UK.

The previous issue from yesterday was marked Solved when it is not solved.
People are not able to use ChatGPT from Chrome/Edge.

EDIT: Not working for me in Firefox either and linked advice (hard reset ctrl+f5 not working either)

I don’t think you should close an issue which people are still having problems with especially when people are explaining that the linked advice doesn’t work for them. Why is it closed? Doesn’t closed mean there is no longer a problem? And doesn’t solved mean a universal fix for all is now available? Neither of these are true. You should reopen the original thread at least.



You are correct in pointing out that we still receive reports of users experiencing Chromium-related issues.

We have marked the topic as solved because the suggestions in the linked post are helpful for some users. This is a way for us to use the forum software to guide users towards a temporary workaround.

I hope you understand the intention behind this action.

Beyond this, there is nothing more we can do in the OpenAI Developer Community to resolve an issue with ChatGPT.

I sure hope this gets resolved soon!

Here’s the link to the suggestions everyone can try to use ChatGPT while this issue is being resolved.

I will close this topic so that we can keep all reports in a central topic.

Thank you for your understanding!