ChatGPT not finishing its sentences (until I check again)

I don’t know what’s happened, but ChatGPT has developed a bad habit of not finishing its sentences. Here’s an example from today. I asked it to analyze a script and tell me what it did. The first paragraph was a full paragraph. Here was the second paragraph:

The script

That’s the entire second paragraph. Where’s the rest of it?

Then it goes into a list of things, many of which are normal. But look at this:

  1. The
  1. The script defines a
  2. The
  3. The
  4. The script
  5. The

Then it behaves normally for a while, but here’s how it ends:

  1. The script defines


And it’s been having this problem a lot.

NOW, strangely enough, when I go back and look again, the missing text has appeared. So that’s good. But why didn’t it just appear in the first place?