ChatGPT must learn to create Regex formulas with (*SKIP)(*FAIL) Backtracking Control Verbs for PERL & Notepad++

ChatGPT must know this, because is very important !!

Myself, I don’t Python in PERL or in notepad++, instead I use Regex formulas a lot !

In practice, the idioms I find the most useful are (*SKIP) and (*FAIL) to make regex expressions. These are VERY IMPORTANT in regex.

Please look “Backtracking Control Verbs Tutorial” on rexegg [dot] com

For example, I want to delete all html tags inside 2 other tags, except <a href=.*?"> and

<p class="mb-40px">Another blending </h2>option is to all the <div>brushstrokes to show. In the painting of trees above, I didn’t spend much time trying to <a href= class="color-bebe" target="_new">blend the colors</a>. I simply mix each color and apply it without fussing with it.</p>

My regex is perfect ! But right now, ChatGPT cannot do this formulas that can work for Perl or in notepad++

*** Find what:** (?:<p class="mb-40px">|\G).*?\K(?:<a href=.+?</a>(*SKIP)(*FAIL)|<.+?>)(?=.*?</p>)
*** Replace with:** LEAVE EMPTY

I keep telling ChatGPT to generate a regex formula for PERL, using (*SKIP) and (*FAIL), instead ChatGPT generate a code in Python. But myself I don’t use Python in Perl…