ChatGPT message cap is acceptable, but not KNOWING your usage is not

Users should have a CLEAR view of the number of messages they are posting, or the number of messages they still have before hitting the cap.

I just hit the cap (it was a long time since last time I hit the cap) and I have no idea where I even hit it, it doesn´t look like I posted 40 messages today, but having a better view of the usage would help manage and avoid SURPRISES.

Alas, I COUNTED my messages for the whole of TODAY and there was only 26 plus a handful of messages when I for the first time decided to try to create a custom GPT. But I was at the very start. Told what I wanted, and some 3 more messages about the logo and then I hit the cap.

So really, I had NOT hit the 40 cap!!

(in fact, at least some 6 messages that I am counting were AFTER I hit the cap, so they were messages to ChatGPT 3.5)

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