ChatGPT MacOS app crashes instantly after opening – M1 Pro MacOS 14.0

The app crashes instantly after launching and gives a ‘Problem Report’ / crash report.

Does anyone else facing similar issue and know how to fix it?

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Same problem after i logged in it crashed and crashes instantly after launch

Same, here. It started to do so once I’ve changed the default hotkey to F18. I solved it by reseting the hotkey back to the default from command line. To do so run the following commands in terminal:

defaults delete KeyboardShortcuts_toggleSidebar
defaults delete KeyboardShortcuts_toggleLauncher

Other hotkeys I’ve tried like f16, cmd+shit+opt+space, work just fine.

didnt work for me what model is your macbook?

updating to macos 14.5 fixed the issue for me

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@ toprakdikici28 Thanks. Updating the os fixed the issue.