ChatGPT loosing context when writing

I try to create a first story with ChatGPT based on the Lester Dent Pulp Fiction Plot Formula.
I find the following to be a problem:
I get the outline, say on a chapter-basis from ChatGPT.

But when I then want to go through it chapter by chapter (in 500 word chunks) adding more details with the help of ChatGPT, ChatGPT seems to loose the context.
And this happens both with 3.5 or 4.

ChatGPT will not stick to the “borders” of the chapter.

Say I am in chapter 2 and then ChatGPT goes beyond this chapter and even creates a new storyline and maybe new characters.

It seems that ChatGPT looses the context and doesn’t remember, what he outlined just before.
Instead of getting to the next level of detail it seems to continue “in a newly created thread”.

Do You have any practical tipps from Your experience with the tool?