ChatGPT login page corrupted. Cannot login from Linux desktop. Macbook works

Dear members of the forum,

I am running into a weird bug. On my Linux desktop, I am using Firefox to login my chatGPT page. Somehow the login page is corrupted. When I click on login or sign up button, there is no response at all. However I can login on macbook. I have tried cleaning any cache, cookies etc and switching to other browsers like Chrome and Edge. None of those worked. Anyone has a solution for me?
Thank you for your help and time.

How about launching a private browser windows and then logging in?

I just faked a user agent string from Linux and it worked fine. You can fake user agent strings also with an extension and pretend to be on Windows.

You can get Firefox ESR (extended service release) and untar and run from a user account folder:

I use the 102.xx version with no problems.