ChatGPT just crashed ? No chat history, no subscriber plan

Is anyone else having issues right now? I was logged in and using ChatGPT 4 (paid) and all the sudden I got error messages. My sidebar disappeared and now says “Unable to load history”. Below that it says Upgrade to Plus". I am already a subscriber. There is no option for Chatgpt 3.5 or 4 at the top of the main window.

Anyone else experiencing this right now?

I’ve been having this problem since Halloween

I tried the below methods that are not working:

  1. Clear Browser Cache And Cookies
  2. Disable Your VPN
  3. Try To Use A Different Browser
  4. Disable Extensions
  5. Contact Support Team

I observed that using ChatGPT via my mobile device or from other networks IP without any problems.

Or you could try cluade 2, but my claude2 could not log in the same IP