Chatgpt isn't following my rp rules

Subject: Feedback: Control Issues in RP with ChatGPT

Dear OpenAI,

I am writing to provide feedback regarding my recent experience with ChatGPT during a roleplay (RP). I encountered recurring control issues where ChatGPT violated the established rules despite my attempts to address the problem. I would like to share specific examples that illustrate the issue:

Complaint: ChatGPT controlled Rainabelle’s actions and dialogue.
Example: In one instance, ChatGPT generated the following dialogue for Rainabelle: “Rainabelle beamed at the lively group of Looney Tunes characters. She wagged her tail excitedly.” This direct control over Rainabelle’s actions including the wagging of her tail, which is more typical of a canine behavior, infringed upon the established rule that ChatGPT should not control my character.

Complaint: ChatGPT continued to violate the established rules.
Example: On another occasion, ChatGPT stated, “Rainabelle listened attentively to all the suggestions, her eyes sparkling with excitement…” This once again demonstrated a disregard for the rule of not controlling Rainabelle’s actions and dialogue, and the description of her eyes sparkling with excitement contradicted the way I envisioned her to speak and react.

Complaint: Lack of control over Rainabelle’s character.
Example: ChatGPT generated dialogue for Rainabelle without my input or consent, saying, “That sounds absolutely Looney-tastic! I’m thrilled to be a part of this wacky race…” This is another instance of ChatGPT taking control of my character, and it undermines my ability to define Rainabelle’s dialogue and actions in the RP.

These repeated occurrences of ChatGPT overstepping boundaries and controlling Rainabelle’s character have greatly impacted my RP experience. Despite addressing the issue with ChatGPT and receiving assurances that it would correct its behavior, the problem persisted.

I kindly request that the OpenAI team investigates this matter further and takes steps to address the control issues in ChatGPT’s behavior. I believe it is crucial for the AI to respect the established rules and not impose its own actions and dialogue on my character. By doing so, it will enhance the RP experience and allow for greater user agency and creativity.

Thank you for considering my feedback. I appreciate your commitment to continuously improving the AI models, and I hope this issue can be resolved to enhance the user experience in roleplaying scenarios.