ChatGPT is slow and unresponsive across all devices, browsers, and platforms

M1 Macbook, M2 MacStudio, M1 ipad, iPhone 14 Pro Max, Safari, Chrome, Native app, all report errors. 80% of the time I do not get a response, 10% of the time I might get a few lines, or a couple of words. The rest of the time I get a response after hitting regenerate. I have 10gbps ethernet connection and 5g when travelling. The service is getting worse and worse


I don’t want to say it’s something on your end because here in the forum we usually know quite fast when ChatGPT is actually down.
This appears to be a problem specific to you though.

I had a similar experience once and was able to resolve it by logging out, changing the IP (via VPN) and then logging back in.
Also, clearing cache and cookies of your browser is a standard advice in this case, but from your description I assume that’s not it.

Hope this helps.
I for sure was very frustrated when I didn’t get a proper reply for about a week while it seemingly worked for everybody else.

I’m using ChatGPT on multiple devices, multiple networks, VPN on / off, native apps, browser apps. I have the exact same slow response. I also have an individual plus account, a team account, and an enterprise account all for different use case and through work and business as well as personal use. It is consistently bad across all of those. So yes, it may well be down to all 3 of my individual accounts. I would love if I was to blame and this could be resolved quickly and easily. I’ll log out of everything (again), and log back in (again) and clear all cookies and try a brand new browser (again)

I have read many complaints about ChatGPT but never heard anything like this before.
Fortunately you are a Enterprise user and can directly contact your company’s OpenAI account manager.
That should solve it.

Having the same issue. Seems to be user account specific and GPT is just unresponsive and providing blank answers to simple prompts.

I am also having the same slow non response.

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There is currently an issue with ChatGPT.


It’s awful. I just ended my Team account. It expires in a few days. If my regular paid account isn’t better I’m ending that too and looking at the other AI options. There’s going to be more and more options as time goes by.

It got me a couple of refunds, not sure it fixed the degraded service

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Alright, that’s better than nothing.
Sorry to hear that whatever is causing this issue is unidentified. What about your internal admin for the Enterprise account. Since you got a account you should be able to use it for company purposes?

it is the 21st, the system is still BORKED.
The status page says it’s “fixed”
it is not.