ChatGPT is at capacity right now but I have ChatGPT plus!

ChatGPT is at capacity right now is the message I get. Signup for ChatGPT Plus next to it. I already signed up for ChatGPT and already paid for it 2 weeks ago. Why do I still get this message all the tiem?


There is a guy on YouTube who talks about this capacity problem in the unpaid version but it works for the ChatGPT plus as well. Worked for me you too can give a try.

I’m having a similar issue. I’ve been a PLUS member for a few months now and it’s been working fine but today it’s telling me it’s at capacity. I tried using the special login link for PLUS members but that’s not helping either-- it keeps taking me in circles.

I’m having the exact same issue. Had the exact same issue yesterday. I just signed up for PLUS and now 2 days in a row, limited access. I thought I was paying for access even when demand was high…can someone please remind what the payment is for.

Yesterday there was an apparent issue with servers but when I check the status page today, no issues showing. I cleared my cache but I know this isn’t the issue because yesterday, I finally got a message that ChatGPT was back up and was able to login without issue. Now today, day two, same exact thing as yesterday except status page isn’t showing an issue or at least not yet.

For anyone reading this that doesn’t have the status page link bookmarked, here you go: OpenAI Status

This video was USELESS!! I thought this was a real solution. This did not work.

I too was extremely frustrated by this login issue while signing in but finally I found a guy on YT explaining the right solution and now I signed in to my ChatGPT account easily today evening.
Hope it works for all of the people. Here it is: ChatGPT is At Capacity Right Now - HOW TO BYPASS / FIX IT - YouTube