ChatGPT Giving Small Error, And ""s Feedback Section Have Big Issue

So, I Was Using ChatGPT As Normal, And I Realised, ChatGPT Was Repeating Same Content Over And Over. I Took Screenshots Of That (See Screenshot 1,2,3) :-

And When I Asked ChatGPT “Where I Can Submit Issue For Small Errors In You”, It Answered Correctly (But Not What I Expected), But Added This At The End Of Its Message (See Screenshot 4th)

When I Went To OpenAI’s Help Center, And Clicked The Feedback Button → “Message” → And Typed My Issue, The Attachment Button Disappeared. Only Send Button Was There. So I Deleted The Typed Text And Went To Attach Screenshot, But When Screenshot Attached, It Directly Sent It Without Any Context (Didn’t Even Gave Chance To Describe The Issue, After Attaching Screenshot). And The Bot Said “The Team Will Analyze You Issue” Something Like That.

So, I Don’t Have Any Other Option, But To Submit My Issue Here. Hope Devs Will Find It.

Note :- I Am Using ChatGPT, And OpenAI’s Help Center In India, On Android Phone. For Me, These Issues Only Occured Today (5th Of April 2023), Never Before.